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FH5 - Polarbear

Item number (EAN): 7023850211054
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Puzzle from the North Pole, with polar bears, seals and walrus in its natural surroundings.

FH7 - Penguins

Item number (EAN): 7023850211078
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Sea elephant, penguins, seals and squid.

FH8 - Leopard

Item number (EAN): 7023850211085
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Giraffe, leopard, thompson gazelle, zebra, birds and ape.

FH9 - African Savannah

Item number (EAN): 7023850211092
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
African savannah with animals gathered around the pond. The species are: Rhinos, giraffes, elephant with kid, zebras, buffalo, antelope and lion with kids.

FH10 - South American Rainforest

Item number (EAN): 7023850211108
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Puzzle with motive from the South American rainforest with animals living there. The species are from top left: Scarlet macaw, sloth, red howler monkey, toucan, hummingbird, Amazon deer, booted racket-tail hummingbird, common blue morpho butterfly, emerald boa, giant anteater, jaguar, beetle, frog.

FH11 - Arctic Ice

Item number (EAN): 7023850211115
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Puzzle with a motive from an arctic landscape. Animals shown are: (left to right, above water:) arctic fox, harp seal & pup, arctic terns, humpback whale, kittiwake, ribbon seal, polar bear & cub, long-tailed ducks, arctic skua, (and underwater:) cod, walrus, squid, little auk, krill, narwhal, beluga, red-throated diver, cod, hooded seal.

FH12 - Alps

Item number (EAN): 7023850211122
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Mountain wildlife shown: golden eagle, ibex, alpine choughs, chamois & kid, marmots, alpine swift, red deer, alpine wall creeper, edelweiss, alpine pinks (dianthus), alpine apollo butterfly, vulture, snow hare, common ptarmigan, pink saponaria, blue gentian, red-legged Partridge, purple viola.

FH13 - Sea Weed

Item number (EAN): 7023850211139
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Puzzle with a motive from life in the North Sea. Species shown are: common gulls, common terns, white-tailed sea eagle, gannet(top right), black-throated diver, puffin, eider(male & female),herring, compass jellyfish, needlefish(gar pike), common seal, common porpoise, cod, cuckoo wrasse, common jellyfish, lumpfish, ling, mackerel, catfish (wolffish), edible crab, scallop, plaice, common sea urchin, red starfish (porania pulvillus, bottom left), king crab, various anemones & sponges, greater weever, monkfish (angler), purple sea star (big starfish), various shells, green opelet (anemone), lobster.

FH14 - Arctic Inland

Item number (EAN): 7023850211146
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Arctic inland species roughly from top left: Bean geese, whooper swans, snowy owls, shore larks, reindeer, mountain hares, snow bunting, Lapland buntings, willow grouse, Lapland rose-bay, lemming, cloudberry, wolverine, waxwing, Arctic birch in autumn colours.

FH15 - Nordic Forest

Item number (EAN): 7023850211153
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Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
The species from the Nordic forest are: red squirrel in aspen tree, chaffinch (male), 2 crossbills (front: male=red, back: female=green), great spotted woodpecker, European jay, hawk owl, painted lady butterfly, elk(moose), brown bear & cubs, lynx, beaver, dragonfly (red darter), otter, teal (male with female behind), underwater: top left 2 fish: charr (male=red bellied, with female behind), beaver, brown trout (top right fish), pike (bottom right), and young trout. Background is beaver lodge in pond, birch type trees, with conifer forest beyond.