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AK1 - Auto-Puzzle

Item number (EAN): 7023850212013
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Puzzle with 30 classic cars. There is one car on each piece, and each of the pieces have been cut out within its own frame.

HL2 - The Vikings

Item number (EAN): 7023850250022
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
The pieces with information about famous Vikings and historical events only fit by the correct person or place. Learn about the Vikings trading routes, discoveries and battles.

HL3 - The road from ape to human

Item number (EAN): 7023850250039
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
A Puzzle containing the Road from Ape to Human, and follow the evolution through time. You will also be able to see alot of different animals living in the same period. I have concentrated on the evolution of Man (and apes). I've never seen this period shown like this, but I think it works really well(!) The period covered is about 65 million years(cenozoic era), going back from the present day at bottom right. Time is in a x4 geometric progression because hominids don't really appear until the last 5 or 6 million years. The paths show direct relationships according to current theories about the hominid fossil records, and I've included the recently found Homo Floresiensis. Some paths are fading out at a time when the fossil records for that species ends. The other animals shown are ones which our ancestors might have encountered (and maybe eaten) and, like the hominids, they are shown at their correct place in time. I have not shown some well known species from this time which were found far from Africa/Europe (eg: sabre-toothed tigers), as hominids could not have met them. The bull is an Auroch, the deer is Megaloceros.

HL4 - The Romans

Item number (EAN): 7023850250046
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
The pieces with information about famous Romans only fit by the correct person. We show the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire with its provinces, famous buildings and monuments. We tell about the most important wars and show where they took place.

HL5 - Ancient Egypt

Item number (EAN): 7023850250053
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
The pieces with facts about pharaohs and other historical persons and gods will only fit by the correct character. Learn about famous constructions and events and the different periods of time in the history of Ancient Egypt.

HL6 - Ancient Greece

Item number (EAN): 7023850250060
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
The pieces with information about famous historical persons and gods only fit by the correct figure. We show the Greek colonies around the Medeterranean and the Black Sea, famous buildings and monuments etc. Learn about the periods of ancient Greek history and the most important wars and other historical events.

NB1 - Our Climate and the Greenhouse Effect

Item number (EAN): 7023850239010
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
See how solar heat is being trapped and returned to the Earth by greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Learn how plants need sunlight, water and CO2 to grow, the CO2 remains in the plants while clean oxygen is released.

NB2 - Volcanos

Item number (EAN): 7023850239027
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Learn about volcanoes and one of the reasons why we have volcano eruptions.

OB1 - Our Body

Item number (EAN): 7023850227017
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
There is a central puzzle with a boy and a girl within its own frame. Around are 20 pieces with a body part on each. There are lines from the 20 body parts to the boy or girl. Names of each body part are on the frames, and each of the pieces with body parts will only fit by its name.

OB3 - Traffic Sign

Item number (EAN): 7023850227031
Available in these languages:
Size:1 x 36.5x28.5 cm
Learn to know 48 traffic sings and what they mean. Each piece with a traffic sign only fits by its matching text.