A41 - Scotland Topographic Map

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) with 63 pieces

  • A41 - Scotland Topographic Map (Illustrative image 1)
  • A41 - Scotland Topographic Map (Illustrative image 2)
  • A41 - Scotland Topographic Map (English)
    Get to know Scotland's many islands, straits, rivers, mountains and cities with this educational map puzzle game. Do you know that you can sail across Scotland through the Caledonia Canal and Loch Ness? Off the coast there is a rich bird life, and a couple of the pieces are shaped like birds. Another piece has the shape of a Scottish highland cattle, and many of the pieces are cut out along coastlines and the border with England. Around the map there are many beautiful drawings of animals living along the coast and inland. The Scottish Highlands is the historic area that makes up the rugged and beautiful northern part of the Scottish mainland. The puzzle with 63 pieces is suitable for slightly older children.

    A41 - Scotland Topographic Map is available in the following versions:

    • English (EAN/GTIN: 7023852131206)