FH23 - Domestic Animals on a Cozy Farm

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) with 23 pieces

  • FH23 - Domestic Animals on a Cozy Farm (Illustrative image 1)
  • FH23 - Domestic Animals on a Cozy Farm (Neutral)
    Will you help to bring the ducklings back to their mother in their natural habitat? This warm and cosy farm scene puzzle brings all the animals together. The animals in the puzzle can enjoy fresh grass, family company, a place to roam and fresh air. The puzzle comes complete with 23 pieces, making it easier for the younger ones to complete, but more engaging for the ones getting older. The horse and foal enjoy watching all that goes on from their stable, whilst the cow and her calf are peeking from the fence. A fluffy, woolly sheep stands strong looking after her lambs, making sure they’re close by. Perfectly pink piglets freely roam around the farm, while the rooster prepares for his 6 am cock-a-doodle-doo! Two bluebirds powerfully glide through the sky on this bright and early morning, while the owl sits back on the window ledge patiently waiting for night to re-appear. As the ducklings gather around mama duck in the small pond, Colin the cat sits up anxiously in the tree. What can make Colin join the rest of the farm family?

    FH23 - Domestic Animals on a Cozy Farm is available in the following versions:

    • Neutral (EAN/GTIN: 7023852117064)