FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) with 32 pieces

  • FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field (Illustrative image 1)
  • FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field (Illustrative image 2)
  • FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field (Illustrative image 5)
  • FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field (Neutral)
    This beautiful flower garden will have you joining the dogs, relaxing in the fields. The eye-catching and brightly coloured illustration will draw the attention of your little one in no time. Whether the child is a lover of flowers or a lover of dogs, you’ll find something that gives you loving and warm memories in every shade and colour. Across the flower fields, you will find delectable daisies, aster daisies, aubretia, lavender, orange perennials, and eremurus amongst the grass. The dogs gather together on the fields to enjoy serenity and peace in the garden. In this 32 piece puzzle, some of the pieces are carefully crafted like a variety of dogs and a bone, and perfect for younger children. Your child will be able to familiarise themselves with different breeds of dogs including the German shepherd, the golden retriever, border collie, an Italian greyhound, a French bulldog, a chihuahua, a cavalier king Charles spaniel, a Yorkshire terrier, a poodle, and a bichon frise.

    FH33 - Dogs in a Flower Field is available in the following versions:

    • Neutral (EAN/GTIN: 7023852121863)