HL4 - The Romans

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) with 110 pieces

  • HL4 - The Romans (Illustrative image 1)
  • HL4 - The Romans (English)
  • HL4 - The Romans (German)
  • HL4 - The Romans (Hungarian)
    Will you resist the invasion across Britain or build your empire on new lands? This Roman puzzle will give you all the information you need to know during the Roman invasion. You will learn about the last king in Rome from 550 BC to 395 AD. Across the top and bottom of the frame are 22 illustrations of kings, slaves, politicians, and emperors. Quiz pieces included in this puzzle have corresponding facts about each figure on each piece. Some of the pieces are carefully cut along borders and are colour coded to show the Roman republic, the Roman empire, and its provinces. You will learn about famous buildings, monuments and where the important wars took place. This puzzle comes complete with 110 pieces and is best suited for older children.

    HL4 - The Romans is available in the following versions:

    • English (EAN/GTIN: 7023850250046)
    • German (EAN/GTIN: 7023850250046)
    • Hungarian (EAN/GTIN: 7023850250046)