US26 - Hesteaktiviteter

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) med 50 brikker

  • US26 - Hesteaktiviteter (Illustrasjonsbilde 1)
  • US26 - Hesteaktiviteter (Illustrasjonsbilde 2)
  • US26 - Hesteaktiviteter (Nøytralt)
    It's Equestrian Galore as we enter this grass-filled farm puzzle. It features a couple on a horse and cart, 17 horses of different colours, ready for the horse show. The staff prepares their horses for the event by feeding them hay, washing and cleaning them, fixing their shoes, practising the horse rides and ensuring they’re prepared for the race. The show master is dressed theatrically, commanding attention from both the staff and horses. This puzzle comes complete with 50 smaller pieces, best suited for older children with a keen interest in horses. The puzzle pieces are creatively shaped like a car, a cat's head, a bear, a flower and a boat.

    US26 - Hesteaktiviteter er tilgjengelig på følgende språk/versjoner:

    • Nøytralt (EAN/GTIN: 7023852120286)