US30 - En spennende dag i dyreparken

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) med 48 brikker

  • US30 - En spennende dag i dyreparken (Illustrasjonsbilde 1)
  • US30 - En spennende dag i dyreparken (Illustrasjonsbilde 2)
  • US30 - En spennende dag i dyreparken (Nøytralt)
    Come and explore on this amazing, educational, animal attraction puzzle. Your wild and wonderful zoo puzzle comes complete with 48 pieces. Can you figure out what animal-shaped pieces are missing? Is it a cuddly Cub from the bear family? Or maybe a sunkissed giraffe. Get the kid's imagination running wild in this wildlife park. This puzzle features a beautiful illustration of a safari type of zoo, with a family of polar bears, a pool full of sea lions, Pretty in Pink flamingoes, a family of zebras, long necked giraffes, lions, tigers, all kinds of birds, cuddly koalas, magnificent monkeys, Asian elephants and not forgetting the children and families flooding the park. Will you help the sea lion splash his way around, and help sandy to stroke the polar bear? You'll find 16 different types of animals among many vivacious birds. The puzzle displays girls, boys and parents alike, demonstrating positive interactions with all the animals. This adventurous and colourful puzzle will encourage both hand and eye coordination, perfect for your little one's development.

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    • Nøytralt (EAN/GTIN: 7023852120545)