V6 - Playful Dinosaurs

Mini (18.3x14.3 cm) with 7 pieces

  • V6 - Playful Dinosaurs (Illustrative image 1)
  • V6 - Playful Dinosaurs (Illustrative image 2)
  • V6 - Playful Dinosaurs (Neutral)
    Here are 4 MINI jigsaw puzzles with 7 pieces and playful dinosaurs made for the very youngest. Two of the pieces in each puzzle are made as figures of different animals. Everyone will like these cheerful and friendly dinosaurs, which are made to spread joy and stimulate the imagination. Here are flying lizards, swimming dinosaurs, long-necked sauropods, triceratops with horn and dinosaurs with sails on their backs. A small dinosaur cub is on its way out of the egg. Maybe the jigsaw puzzles can also help to arouse interest in creatures that ruled the Earth millions of years ago? The 4 puzzles are made in bright child-friendly colors.
    Set of 4 puzzles

    V6 - Playful Dinosaurs is available in the following versions:

    • Neutral (EAN/GTIN: 7023852132821)