hl13 - The changing seas

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) with 86 pieces

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    250 million years ago, all land areas were gathered in a supercontinent, Pangea, and the rest of the Earth's surface was a large superocean. As parts of the supercontinent moved away from each other, the superocean was divided into the five world oceans and many smaller oceans that we know today. Parts of the earth that were land areas are now covered by sea, and conversely, former seabeds now lie above the sea's surface. We can find fossils of animals that have lived in the sea far inland. This jigsaw puzzle with 86 puzzlepieces is made for older children and adults. You can see how life in the sea has developed over 250 million years. Animals that lived in the sea have been as terrifying as the most bloodthirsty dinosaurs on land.

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