US28 - Lekende tegneseriedyr i Arktis

Maxi (36.5x28.5 cm) med 36 brikker

  • US28 - Lekende tegneseriedyr i Arktis (Illustrasjonsbilde 1)
  • US28 - Lekende tegneseriedyr i Arktis (Nøytralt)
    Glaciers, igloos, and icicles cover this depiction of a cartoon-like arctic ice affair. In this playful arctic ice puzzle, the ocean is filled with arctic animals including an arctic hare, a reindeer, seagulls, sea-lions, bearded seals, kittiwake, arctic foxes, a narwhal, snowy owls, a musk deer, and a red herring fish. The animals enjoy a fresh swim in the ocean, whilst the polar bears collect blocks of ice to complete the igloos. A polar bear enjoys a day of kayaking, whilst the other snowboards down the mountain. The puzzle comes complete with 36 pieces, which are creatively cut and shaped like an igloo, a sea-lion, a dolphin, a woolly hat, a glacier block, and a snowman. Both younger and older children can enjoy this puzzle which will assist with developing developmental, cognitive and fine motor skills.

    US28 - Lekende tegneseriedyr i Arktis er tilgjengelig på følgende språk/versjoner:

    • Nøytralt (EAN/GTIN: 7023852120453)